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Ouroboros: The Gnostic Ring - This Ring is for those who are dedicated to the pursuit of Gnosis. Authentic historical Gnostic traditions are welcome h

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Ouroboros: The Gnostic Ring

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Manager: newdawn
This Ring is for those who are dedicated to the pursuit of Gnosis. Authentic historical Gnostic traditions are welcome here. This Ring is mostly dedicated to Christian Gnosticism, although non-Christian manifestations of Gnosticism such as Kaballah, Kundalini Yoga and the Mandaean religion are represented also.

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   Baha'iStudies.NETwork and MarkFoster.NETwork Preview Go
These sites focus on the academic study of the Baha'i Faith and on the "structural dialectics" paradigm, an approach to the philosophy of science.
   A Fool's Journey Preview Go
I'm just a fool on a journey seeking after Gnosis. I share my tarot readings,quotes from my favorite Gnostic gospels,my insights,and my dreams. I'm still very much learning. Come learn with me.
   Gnosticism Preview Go
An overview of the classical Gnostic religion, illustrating parallels with other esoteric systems of thought. Special emphasis on the cosmological elements.

   Gnostic Pogostick Preview Go
This site highlights the writings and meditiations by the group of Gnostics named the Y-Guys. This group is dedicated to the principles of Gnosticism and Profound Goofiness.
   Gnostique.Net Preview 1 review(s) — Go
The French Gnostic Tradition: Gnosticism, Esoteric Initiatic Orders and the Gnostic Church - Links to those in direct succession from the 19th and 20th century Eglise Gnostique of Jules DOINEL, Jean BRICAUD, Constant CHEVILLON, René CHAMBELLANT and Robert AMBELAIN. Translations of related documents, etc.
   Gnosis Knowledge Preview Go
Gnosis and Gnosticism 101. A popular summary of Gnostic 'Knowledge' - a view of Life, the Universe and Everything. Is there inner truth?
   The Christian Duration. Preview Go
Texts from *The Clay Testament* on gnosis, writing, God, and the "world".
   The Rose+Croix of the Orient Preview Go
In this site we will gather and present information from various sources, regarding a very little - known initiatic order, its history and doctrine. We will also include various studies based on or inspired by the rosicrucian tradition.
   Temple of Gnostic Tantrism ULC Preview Go
Home page of TGT-ULC organisation, loaded with articles on numerous topics both gnostic and tantric, as well as comparative articles designed to point out historic and philosophic similtude between the past principles of Gnosticism and the living applications of Tantrism, and its utility for seekers of gnosis, for which the sanskrit term is jnana.
   Gnosis and Knowledge Preview Go
A Gnostic's Grimoire and journal of thought.

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