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British Military History - A collection of sites focusing on 20th Century British Military History, includes some sites with technical and chronolo

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British Military History

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A collection of sites focusing on 20th Century British Military History, includes some sites with technical and chronological information.

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   Aldershot, a Pictorial Review Preview Go
A website about the British Military Town, Aldershot. Photos dating back to the 19th century, with comparisons from the year 2002. How it was then and how it is now. A very interesting and well illustrated photographic site
   Glenvil's Home Page Preview Go
I have galleries of British Army cap badges and some Regimental histories.
   The Midnight Watch Preview Go
The site is dedicated to those who served in a Civil Defence role in World War 2 and covers Air Raid Precautions and Civil Defence; the Home Guard; the Auxiliary and National Fire Service and the role of civilians during and after the Blitz.

   World War One - The War to End all Wars Preview Go
To tell an ongoing story of World War One, starting with 1914 and going year by year. From the highest ranking generals and admirals to the soldiers in the trenches and the people at home, this war touched the lives of all.
   W.W.I Horse ~ The role of horse in WW1 Preview Go
WW1Horse features the role of horse during the Great War. The site contains historical accounts, of the war, equipment as well as many images. W.W.I horse also supports 'living history'.
   Signals Collection '40-'45 Preview Go
A collection of allied army, navy and airforce radio & radar equipment which was used or build by the allies during the second world war.
This site describes what happened in the Battle of Britain and how! Find out the real score in the different months of the fight. Look at many different pictures of Luftwaffe and Royal Air Force aircraft! AND MORE AND PLEASE COME AND CHECK US OUT THANKS!!!
   British Armoured forces during WWI Preview Go
This site traces the development, organisation, units, and formations of the British Tank Corps during WW I.
   A Raid on Munich Preview Go
A gripping narrative of my Father's bombing raid over Munich Germany, his plane was shot down, he was captured, imprisoned, and forced to take the Death March across Germany. He was awarded the DFM by King George V1.
   The Battle of Hamel - History & Memory Preview Go
The battle of Hamel on 4 July 1918 and the history of that village. Its main purpose is to make you discover a very particular event of World War I in France and of the Australian Corps' involvement. Here you will not only find some local history or the account of a battle but also a presentation of the various forms of that period memory.

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