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Ouroboros: The Gnostic Ring - This Ring is for those who are dedicated to the pursuit of Gnosis. Authentic historical Gnostic traditions are welcome h

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Ouroboros: The Gnostic Ring

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Manager: newdawn
This Ring is for those who are dedicated to the pursuit of Gnosis. Authentic historical Gnostic traditions are welcome here. This Ring is mostly dedicated to Christian Gnosticism, although non-Christian manifestations of Gnosticism such as Kaballah, Kundalini Yoga and the Mandaean religion are represented also.

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   The Center for Marcionite Research Preview Go
Recently Updated(May 3, 2000). The Gospel of Marcion; the gospels of Marcion and canonical Luke compared; Pseudo-Origen: "Dialogues of Adamantius Against the Marcionites" (first English translation); Marcionism in the 4th gospel(in progress).
   Gnostic Info Preview Go
Gnostic.info aims to offer an online resource of articles relating to all aspects of the Gnostic tradition, many of them written by modern day Gnostics and leading researchers.
   The Free Catholic Church Preview Go
Teachings on the divinity of the soul - each soul will after many reincarnations reach spiritual resurrection and heavenly consciousness as did our elder brothers Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Krishna, Mohammed and many angels. The "Christ-nature" is studied in man, animals and nature.

   Gnosis Blog Preview Go
Coming to know All
   The Almond Jar: A Christo-Hellenic Synthesis Preview Go
Seeking a middle path which combines the strengths of Classical Paganism and Modern Christianity through an examination of life experience, on the homepage of a group dedicated to Aphrodite and Jesus. Includes an online forum for those whose religions synchretize some form of Christianity and some type of Historical Reconstructionism (eg. pre-Christian Norse or Hellenic Religion).
   Oblates of Holy Sophia Preview Go
A feminine order within the Eglise Gnostique Catholique Apostolic, encouraging the exploration of Gnosis.
   Abu Doub's Pages Preview Go
Practical applications of traditional Qabalah.
   Neural Net Inc./PC93 (Electro-Tech-Gnosis) Preview Go
Freebirthing the 90's and beyond into the Peace with Dignity and Justice
   O.U.O. Preview Go
This is the official repository for data supporting the Glyph project, the Book of the Glyph and the Glyph magicians.
   Gnostic Initiate - Truth & Inner Knowledge Preview Go
Pathway to inner knowledge & Esoteric Writings

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