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An Unanswerable Question of Profound Importance - The great question that Christians cannot answer: Did Jesus teach reincarnation? It is well documented that his original

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An Unanswerable Question of Profound Importance

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The great question that Christians cannot answer: Did Jesus teach reincarnation? It is well documented that his original Jewish followers believed in the pre-existent soul that evolves to perfection over the course of many lives. From a Biblical persepctive, there is good reason to conclude that you cannot even be considered a Christian and genuine follower of Jesus without believing in reincarnation. Modern Christianity denies its founding precepts--the teachings of Jesus outlawed by the Pagan Church of Rome. Come into the Light, let go of the doctrines of men, and learn the answer to the paradoxical question that Christians today cannot answer. The truth will shock you!

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The Bible teaches that parallel realms exist. Jesus taught that a Disciple of TheWay could enter the Kingdom while still alive in the body. Hebrew/Christian Mystics have told us what modern science confirms - that we can enter the Kingdom, and fulfill Paul's Commandment to prove all things. For Genuine Christians, blind belief is a thing of the past!
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Jesus said you must be Born Again to enter the Kingdom. Nowhere in the Bible does it remotely suggest that present-day born again Christians have fulfilled this requirement. We are an Embryonic Image of our pre-existent soul, and we must experience the next stage of birth by merging the paradoxical male/female forces of Creation within our own mind and being. We must walk in TheWay
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Was the Bible rewritten? Prof. Nestle writes: "Learned men, so called Correctores were, following the church meeting at Nicea 325 AD, selected by the church authorities to scrutinize the sacred texts and rewrite them in order to correct their meaning in accordance with the views which the church had just sanctioned." To ignore the facts is to alienate oneself from the Living Word of God.

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What did the Gospels look like before being edited and re-written by the Church of Rome? What were the original beliefs of the first followers of Yeshua? You will be astonished when you read a surviving text of The Gospel of the Nazirenes which was hidden away from the corrupters of the Roman Church. Are you ready for a truly enlightening experience?
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There is nothing in the teachings of Yeshua/Jesus that embraces the concept that we must physically die to enter the Kingdom of God. In fact, just the opposite is true! What Yeshua/Jesus taught is that it is necessary to die to this world while still physically alive in the body, in order to enter the inner Kingdom -- and as a community of disciples of TheWay, we endeavor to explore this Higher Spiritual Reality.
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Jesus did not promote belief or worship of Christ - he taught TheWay to become Christ and fulfill the vision of a Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation. The Church itself became apostate when it betrayed and crucified Christ by worshipping the messenger instead of imitating the pattern and example that Jesus set as the required standard for all those who called upon the name of the Lord.
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The personal past-life witness of a fourth century Ebionite Elder who was killed by the Church of Constantine in a hostile government abduction and take-over of the religion of the New Covenant for the secular control of the people. The result was the total alienation of the Christian world from the essence of the teachigs of The Way -- resulting in the continued suffering in the servitude to the god of this world.
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The Organizational HomePage of Allan Cronshaw - the Long Island Mystic and Nazirene Disciple of TheWay - who through the recall of his previous life as the Brother and Disciple of Yeshua/Jesus has restored the spiritual teachings of his Master to their original purity. Come join us in TheWay of Spiritual Birth and the inner journey along the Narrow Way into the Indwelling Kingdom and return through the Tree of Life into Eden
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On PalTalk we meet and speak of Spirituality vs Religiosity - Doctrine vs Truth - and TheWay the Disciple of Yeshua must live and seek in order to enter the Kingdom while still alive in the physical body. In a Spiritual Religion, it is a sin to argue over manmade doctrine, because the Disciple learns directly from the Lord in the Inner Temple of the Soul. This is the page of guidelines and information for the PalTalk forum.
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The WebRing HomePage of TheWay of the Nazirene presents the Universal Path of TheWay of Yeshua/Jesus and the many rings of the Nazirene. Come and journey in TheWay, and learn the secrets to enter the Kingdom within from our many websites and rings that present the Universal Path of Truth and Light.

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