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Civil War Circuit - One of the Original WebRings for sites which focus on the American Civil War, the War Between the States. Includes a wid

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Civil War Circuit

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One of the Original WebRings for sites which focus on the American Civil War, the War Between the States. Includes a wide variety of sites with information about this tragic but fascinating conflict.

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   ACWGC Union Army Recruiting Station Preview Go
Gateway to joining the American Civil War Game Club's Union Army! Founded in 1997 the ACWGC supports the sanctioned, PBEM internet competition of re-fighting the small, medium and great battles and campaigns of the American Civil War, produced by HPS Simulations and Matrix Games, the members supplying their own "arsenals!" The ACWGC Union Army consists of all of those club members who have chosen to wear the blue in their club "careers," its members currently being assigned to one of four "field armies" and giving battle to those club members wearing the gray!
   History of the Barmore Family: 1725-1890 Preview Go
Booklet published in 1890 by Miss N Jane Barmore, a school teacher in the Turkey Creek Community in Abbeville, Abbeville County, South Carolina; Includes stories of some family members who participated in the war and some quaint accounts from the post-Civil War era South.
   Gettysburg Preview Go
This is my Website about the Battle of Gettysburg from July 1st to July 3rd 1863. Called the turning point of the Civil War and High Water Mark of the Confederacy, Gettysburg remains one of the most intensly studied and documented battles of the Civil War today. Here you will find info on the battle, links to Gettysburg sites as well as photos taken in Gettysburg durging family trips.

   Links to Black Powder Revolvers Preview Go
Extensive links to web sites that sell black powder revolvers
   Civil War History Preview Go
We are historians, history buffs, or other people who love the Civil War (or, if you prefer, the War Between the States). We combine our talents to present our knowledge of this period in our nationís history in the hopes that you, the reader, will gain increased knowledge about our nation and its history.

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