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The Ring of Dragons - A ring of information, and fun regarding the Ultima series of computer games by Origin, and the Ultima Dragons, its fan

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The Ring of Dragons

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Manager: warped_dragon
A ring of information, and fun regarding the Ultima series of computer games by Origin, and the Ultima Dragons, its fan club.

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   Ultimas, Daggerfall, Eye of Beholder, and old games Preview Go
Britannia full map (highres) for Ultima6 & 7. Pseudo-3D meshes of the 22 dungeons in Ultima6. 3D dungeons of Daggerfall. 3D levels of Ultima Underworld 1&2. 3D levels of System Shock 1&2. Old attempt to recode "Ultima6" and "Eye of the Beholder" for windows. And other stuff about old Dos-Games.
   Ultima Underworld Player's Helper Preview Go
This is an helper for Ultima Underworld designed to locate rare and useful items...
   Ivanhoe's Ultima Universe Preview Go
This english/german Website is dedicated to the great roleplaying series Ultima from Origin. You will find informations, walkthroughs, maps, manuals and downloads about these games here.

   Gargish Dragon's Ultima Preview Go
The Ultima series including Ultima Online, with a focus on the history and language of hte Gargoyle race in Ultima.
   Bootstrike.Com: THE Ultima VII, VIII, UW1 & UW2 Center Preview Go
Loads of Ultima VII: The Black Gate and Serpent Isle, Ultima VIII: Pagan, Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss and Ultma Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds. Downloads include map viewers, demo and mp3s! The usual walkthroughs, tips, hints, cheat codes, cheats, game data, etc! We also have a Ultima Remixes section where you can download Mp3s of Stones and the Ultima
   Sir Cabirus Ultima Homepage Preview Go
German and (in the future) english Ultima Page with information about Ultima Underworld and Ultima VII - The Black Gate - with maps, pictures, storys and other things. Also you can get Windows Icons for all Ultima games
   Ultima origins Preview Go
This site has information and resources pertaining to Ultimas I - IX and Ultima Underworld I & II.
   The Ultima Collectors Guide Preview Go
A comprehensive guide for the serious collector of Ultima games
   Tony's Ultima Page Preview Go
Everything you ever wanted to know about all the Classic Ultima's ever made!
   Ultimania Online Network Preview Go
A network set up for all UO players to help in communication, organizing, learning, adventuring Etc. Come join us and see for yourself how we can help you improve your gaming experience!

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