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The Ring of Contemporary Fine Art - ART THAT MAKES YOU THINK. - - - - - With a special emphasis on oil paintings, feminism and controversial art. Any art si

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The Ring of Contemporary Fine Art

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Manager: lilithezine
ART THAT MAKES YOU THINK. - - - - - With a special emphasis on oil paintings, feminism and controversial art. Any art sites may join and will be welcomed fully, but that is what we are going to emphasize. Galleries, museums, sculptures, sculptors, art critics, art historians, independent artists, art dealers, global art resources, private collectors... - - - - - This ring was originally called ! SuisseARTS Contemporary Fine Arts, Paintings, Sculptures, New Media Webring WebTV !, but that name was too long. The name is still long, but at least its more concise... and who actually uses WebTV anymore anyway? - - - - - We also want to emphasize more international artists. Fine art acquisitions, sales, auctions and fine art collections in Britain, Canada, France, Australia, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba, Jamaica, Egypt, Morocco, Africa, Greece, Italy, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Romania, Turkey, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Syria, Mongolia, Malayasia, Indonesia, New Zealand, & the Un-United States. - - - - - If you are looking for postmodern art with a theme, a purpose, realism, content and very little abstraction (modernism = abstraction = jackson pollock, postmodernism = reality/content = andy warhol), then this is the ring to explore. The logo for this webring is courtesy of the "Andy Warhol-ish" gallery, the Lilith Gallery of Toronto.

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   The Contemporary Art History Archive Preview Go
Contemporary Art is art that has been made during the last 40 years, usually by an artist who is still alive and actively making art. Determining which artists from the last 40 years deserve attention is the difficult trick.
   The Paintings & Sculptures of Paul Gauguin Preview Go
An art history website about Paul Gauguin - Paintings of Jesus Christ, women of Brittany and Tahiti.
   Stella's House of DirtyChildren Studio of Art Preview Go
I have always been an admirer of anything dark and edgy, odd or disturbing. In my 20's I became intrigued by French and German antique dolls from the 1800's. They were so spectacular. Old, but timeless, enchanting with their life like glass eyes and their hauntingly beautiful stare. They had that wonderful creepiness that I find so appealing.

   L I L I T H A D L E R Preview Go
1961-2000: Jewish-American artist Lilith Adler died at the height of her artistic career. She left behind a collection of her more famous art pieces (the more controversial ones), and with them she left behind writings/musings on individual pieces and topics. In life she was a staunch supporter of people thinking for themselves, lesbian/gay marriages, feminism and women's rights.
   Chastity Belts & Corsets: The Next THING in Fashion? Preview Go
Chastity Belts & Corsets: The Next THING in Fashion? For several years now women have been seeing corsets becoming more and more popular. Why? For two reasons: #1. Its now considered to be sexual fun-ware. #2. It is the standard garb for goths. But what about this other antiquated piece of "fashion"? If you can even call Chastity Belts "fashion"...?
   Emilia Noris at the Lilith Gallery Preview Go
Collages and paintings by Macedonian artist Emilija Trajkovska-Noris.
   Video Art by Charles Alexander Moffat Preview Go
Political, feminist and gothic art/music videos by Moffat. Download the three videos, listen, watch and enjoy.
   Artists & Writers Wanted!!! Preview Go
We are looking for artist & writers who enjoy creating artwork and/or writing articles, editorials, essays, rants, biographies on a variety of topics: Automobiles, Business, Economics, Fashion, Feminism, Gothic Culture, Music, Mythology, Paganism, Politics, Religion, Society, Technology, Wicca. Knowledge of website design is a must.
   Candice Raquel Lee at the Lilith Gallery Preview Go
Bronze sculptures of Lilith, Eve, Arachne, Iris, Athena and other female archetypes.
   American Catastrophes: Preview Go
The Death of Lilith Adler, The Collapse of the Guerrilla Girls, Military Fashion, Tony Bliar and the Hutton Inquiry, George W. Bush, the #1 Sniper Target in America, China Versus America, The Collapse of the American Economy, Nobel Peace Prize Winner to be assassinated by the Israeli Army, Israeli fighter pilots refuse to follow orders, & the United States Budget Deficit at All Time High.

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