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The Cultural Creatives Ring - Are you one? Cultural creatives - possibly 44 million in the United States alone - are actively involved in reforming or

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The Cultural Creatives Ring

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Manager: theodora_maffat
Are you one? Cultural creatives - possibly 44 million in the United States alone - are actively involved in reforming or revolutionizing their cultures. Although ranging from moderns, to postmoderns, to transmoderns, their core values often include family, relationships, environment, health, civil rights, sustainable living, spirituality, and community.

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The MarkFoster.NETwork and Bahá'íStudies.NETwork
The MarkFoster.NETwork is a network of four sites, including the MarkFoster.NETwork, the Bahá'íStudies.NETwork, Mark A. Foster Services, and Dr. Mark A. Foster's Sociological Imagination
Free Voices, the e-Zine of the People!
Free Voices is a bi-weekly e-zine dedicated to the dissemination of information about events and issues in our world, how they affect us, and creative ideas on bettering these situations. We believe that information should be free to all and that there should be no social or economic barriers to raising your voice. Submissions, including researched articles, social commentary, an
Everything Is Connected
Learn how environmentalism is connected to the rest of your life. Includes simple living, spirituality, health, personal finance, and more.
Prayer Of The Day
A new prayer each day from a variety of religious and cultural sources. Current focus of prayers of peace.
Web Site of Fantasy Author Robert Halmo
Official web site of fantasy author Robert Halmo, whose writings contain strong environmental themes and philosophies that resonate with the Cultural Creatives movement.

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The Cultural Creatives Ring

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